Can we have unlimited materialistic growth based on an infinite artificial resource (money) on a Planet limited by finite real resources?

We live in a cave with a belief system that Economy is the key to the survival and growth of Humans. While this narrative is widely followed today, it is flawed and also dangerous. We have put on stake our entire Ecology… the Planet.

In the last few decades, the Human Development Index shows that India’s rank has worsened from 114 (in 1990) to 131. The Democracy based governance model which is believed to be of/ by/ for the people isn’t working well enough. Top 10% individuals were holding 45% of national wealth 50 yrs back and they hold 77% now. For them everything & everybody is a resource to be captured & exploited to increase their wealth, no matter what. Thus, the quantitative materialistic growth & development model (Capitalism & Consumerism) which is believed to be uplifting millions out of poverty is doing exactly the reverse. With deeper reflection, one can understand that Democracy (as currently practiced) provides fertile ground for Capitalism to grow. They are 2 sides of the same coin, fueling and feeding each other, even more now due to the multiplier effect provided by Celebrities and Social Media. These are artificial creations of man, started by the West and adopted by the rest! It is a nexus that controls almost everything through division and centralization and their time horizon is short, maybe less than 100 years.

While the Economy is growing…….
While the Economy is booming……

On the other hand, In the last century, a significant part of soil/ water/ air (elements) have got polluted/ exploited. Lets not touch the fire! These elements are the fundamental building blocks. Because of this, more than 60% of Species (and its diversity) of plants & animals have gone extinct in the last 50 yrs. Only homogeneous Humans (and that too top 10%) are flourishing at the cost of everything & everybody else. 90% of individuals and none of the elements or species have a real say and are subjected to systems made by the Economy. By the way, extinction of Species is inversely proportional to Capitalism. We see a similar destruction of the Social & Cultural fabric, interrelationship within & between species that enables sustenance & evolution of all. Universal laws of life like say unity within diversity (decentralization) which were always followed by the East are now getting buried! The qualitative non-materialistic growth & development of humans is fast getting replaced with new beliefs created by the Economy, thereby diluting Spirituality as well. But let us not forget that Species, Society and Spirituality are real, natural & eternal and will always find a way to sustain, irrespective of what Economy does, as their time horizon spans over thousands of years.

The Ecology is hitting the dead end!
The Ecology is hitting the Dead End!

Left untamed, Economy has is becoming like cancer and eating the whole of the body, Ecology. It is high time we develop a new belief system based on rationality, by assessing the facts… objectively.

Lets not forget, Krishna & Buddha and the law of Karma & Dharma.



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